Amazon and Microsoft Set their Sights on Vancouver’s Expanding Tech Sector

Amazon and Microsoft Set their Sights on Vancouver’s Expanding Tech Sector

On August 30th, 2017, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos and Satya Nadella of Microsoft announced that the two corporations would be partnering. They are collaborating on their individual digital assistant products, the Alexa and Cortana. Combining the two companies may finally give them an upper hand over Apple, which has been by far the top seller of digital assistants in the last decade.

Amazon has been expanding Vancouver’s Tech scene since their establishment at Telus Garden on Georgia Street in downtown Vancouver in 2015. Recently, they have publically announced the job search for hundreds of new jobs in the Vancouver area. However, Amazon isn’t the only corporation whose interest’s lie in expanding to Vancouver: Microsoft president Brad Smith said in an interview at the Cascadia Innovation Corridor Conference in Seattle,

“We have made clear that we think of Vancouver as a second home, we’re growing and I would hope that we’d have continuing opportunities to grow in Vancouver.”

There are supposed plans in place for Amazon to open a second headquarter in Vancouver with what now is looking like a possible collaboration from Microsoft. This push on Vancouver’s Tech industry is flourishing and inspiring to what seemingly may be the next Silicon Valley. Which is also great news to the cities Tech students who are looking for internships and experience.

Ian McKay, CEO of the Vancouver Economic Commission said,

“Vancouver’s geography and being on the same time zone as bigger technology hubs in Seattle and Silicon Valley outside of San Francisco also helps attract technology firms.”

Over the next few years thousands of Tech jobs will surface with these huge corporations expanding the IT sector of Vancouver. This will encourage other start-up Tech companies to choose Vancouver as their starting base. Vancouver’s tech scene is expanding rapidly and destinationoneTech is here to help!

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