Make the most of your job search with DestinationoneTech by :

Being Sincere

Your recruitment consultant works very hard to earn the trust of a company to place vacancies with them, and therefore, you are expected to be absolutely sincere about your academic credentials or any other significant information. Also make sure your consultant is aware of any recent developments that might influence your commitment towards the recruitment process.

Being Aware

A job search can be quite a daunting task, and that is precisely why as a candidate you must be curious and gain awareness. Have an open and honest dialogue with your recruiter, family members and friends and ask questions such as –

  •  Whether your CV is good enough?
  •  What is your current role in the job market and how well do you fit into the roles you are considering?
  •  Advice on salary and be rational with your expectations as being overpaid can be unfavorable for your career in the long run and being underpaid can be demoralizing.
  •  What are the pros and cons of making a career move?

Getting the references you need

Prospective employers get a clear picture of who you are through your references. So it’s vital that your references say positive things about you. A negative reference can be damaging and might exclude you from the next stage of the recruitment process. Inform your references each time you give out their contact information. Have a dialogue with them and talk to them about your career aspirations, growth and goals.

If you do win the new position, make sure you call or send an e-mail to your reference and express gratitude.

Exercising Patience

Have complete faith in your consultant, understand that he/she has your best interest in mind and that the recruitment process has various stages and hence, is time consuming.