How your Social Media Presence Impacts who you Hire

How your Social Media Presence Impacts who you Hire

As we move into this new modern age social media platforms such as: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn are becoming the most inexpensive marketing tool a company can use.

Whilst Millennials move into the workplace they are looking for a modern and tech savvy company who has the skills to run social media. In order to make your company a desirable work place it is imperative to run a consistent and interesting social media! It is important to know the unspoken rules of social media etiquette.

– How often are you posting? To stay relevant posting at least once a week is necessary! You will lose your follower base and your company may appear boring if you disregard this. However, if you are making too many posts each day your company may be regarded as a spam account. It is important to find the right number of posts for your company.

– What are you posting? Is it consistent with the same branding and theme? Are your opinions congruent? Don’t contradict yourself!

– Make sure you AREN’T just pushing your company and your products. For each post you make selling your company there should be three that are informing or fun.

– Target your audience! Know who your followers are by checking your social media analytics or Google analytics.

– Respond to your audience: if someone comments on a post make sure to either like it or comment back.

We recommend using a program such as Hootsuite to manage your social media. It allows you to arrange the time and social media platform a post will be launched. This can allow you to set up posts for weeks in advance!

Remember one of the first things someone looks at when researching a company is their social media. It is becoming an extremely relevant hiring and marketing tool, use it right!

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