Kelowna’s Economy Soars to New Heights

Kelowna’s Economy Soars to New Heights

It’s no longer a secret, Kelowna is booming. In the last two years Kelowna’s tech industry has experienced over 30 percent growth, earning $1.3 billion in 2016 alone. According to the National Post, 52% of workers in the tech industry are younger than 35.

This exclusive start-up hub has been named as one of the top cities in Canada for entrepreneurs by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business. Kelowna’s new found success in-part, is to do with the increase of freshly educated students settling down in the city. Many students graduating from University of British Columbia Okanagan and University of Okanogan are finding Kelowna’s real-estate, living costs, and job opportunities extremely appealing in comparison to other major Canadian cities. There has been a major migration of Tech professionals moving to Kelowna for identical reasons.

Accelerate Okanagan, a tech incubator, is a non-profit organization that promotes the growth of these tech start-ups. Today, they are holding a conference announcing the myriad of funding, support programs and initiatives in Canada that can help startup entrepreneurs, small and medium businesses thrive.

Kelowna’s supportive community encourages a wide variety of tech companies. From XCO, where hardware developers are creating a wireless system for tracking athletic movement and performance – to a massive amount of software developers and innovators assembling the new world of Tech in Kelowna.

destinationoneTech has been proactive in addressing this need and is partnering with clients and candidates to provide customized strategic HR and Change Management Solutions to suit their individual requirements. In the new year, we are completely revamping our Tech company by creating a virtual office. In addition, we have hired a new Managing Partner for destinationoneTech, this new leadership role will reside in the Okanagan to deliver results for this rapidly growing demand in the tech industry.

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