Contract Staffing

At Destinationone, we take care of diverse industry verticals when it comes to Contract staffing which is an attractive option for both employees and employers.

This allows employers to obtain the expertise required for a particular job and time frame.

Destinationone Consulting provides suitable manpower based on the requirements of the organization and adds value to companies by selectively providing staff in specific fields where they are required.

Typically a contract worker is hired to take care of a particular task for a limited amount of time.

A contractor is usually for a few months and in some cases a new long- term contract sets off. Some examples of contract jobs are maternity leaves, extended sick leaves and project work.

Permanent Recruitment

Destinationone follows a thorough and strict recruitment process for the recruitment of permanent staff. This includes all the recruitment functions and associated costs for sources, screenings, advertising and networking.

Destinatinationone’s team specializes in Pre- employment screening which plays a vital role in providing our clients with quality service. This practice includes psychometric assessments, resume screening, telephonic interviews, face to face evaluations and reference checks.

We understand that our clients aren’t just looking to fill a spot but rather looking for a valuable resource, someone who would not only gel in with the team and become a part of the company’s diverse culture but also work with passion towards the company goals.

Temporary Recruitment

DestinationoneTemp is a staffing service specializing in the placement of highly skilled office and Administrative Support, Accounting, Light Industrial, Construction and Manufacturing candidates on a temporary and temporary-to-full-time basis. The superior training and resources we provide to our registered candidates, free of charge, enhances their already outstanding skills and makes them eligible for a larger number of assignments.