DestinationoneTech offers Recruitment Process Outsourcing service to its clients by specializing in providing customized, cost-effective recruitment solutions for its clients. This is a tailored-service specialized just for YOUR business.

Why use DestinationoneTech RPO service?

  • We already have thousands of candidates in our database to choose from. Many of these candidates may have never heard of your company and there’s a good chance they will never see your online job posting. Recruiters have built relationships with these passive and active job seekers and one of them may be the candidate you’ve been looking for. Without the connections of our RPO team, you may be missing out on untapped talent.
  • Our Recruiters have years and years of experience in interviewing and screening candidates. We use DESTINATIONONETECH 7-STEP RECRUITMENT STRATEGY, a state of the art technology and an efficient operational discipline.
  • You will actually be saving money. It costs your business money to have a position go unfilled and even more if you make a bad hire. Hiring a RPO is a satisfaction guaranteed investment. Between the time and resources you’re saving by outsourcing your recruiting needs AND a guaranteed good hire, you can’t lose.
  • DestinationoneTech RPO service goes beyond simply bringing you the qualified candidates. We become your partner through the entire hiring process. We advise you on market trends, salaries, and even give you effective management solutions to improve employee performance.
  • Maintain confidentiality. DestinationoneTech RPO service does not reveal company names when posting positions on the Internet. Hiring through a RPO will keep your information safe and your competitors in the dark.
  • Not only do we have the experience and expertise to deliver what you need, but also we are passionate about what we do.
  • DestinationoneTech RPO service will give you more flexibility on your Hiring project and staffing predictions – it can be a 3, 6, 9 months contract assignments or simply building your Employer Brand.

Our RPO team will be responsible for the sourcing, screening and submission of candidates to our consultants to meet client job orders and requirements.

DestinationoneTech RPO service consist of the following:

  • Posting jobs on our website, job boards and other associated sites.
  • Screening candidates who respond to job advertisements to ensure their resumes meet the bottom line requirements.
  • Sending candidates who have responded to job advertisements emails to clarify any questions that you may have to qualify them or disqualify them from a position they have applied for.
  • Utilizing on-line sources such as job boards and social media to source passive candidates who match your requirements and to inquire if they may be interested in the position.
  • Screening passive candidates who you have identified as a match and who have confirmed an interest in a position, highlighting the associated keywords that match them to the position.
  • Ensuring all candidates are entered into the company Applicant Tracking System, correctly skills coded and associated keywords set up.
  • Submitting resumes for each job order to the Hiring Manager to review.
  • Taking feedback from the Hiring Managers and refining searches to improve matches/quality of candidates that are submitted.
  • Providing feedback to candidates as instructed by the Hiring Managers