Why Technology Increases your Office’s Communication

Why Technology Increases your Office’s Communication

Technology is constantly improving, producing increasingly faster productivity. The Millennial generation who have grown up with instant messaging and fast results rely heavily on the helping hand of technology. However, many question if this indirect communication is effective for office moral. Here are three reasons why technology benefits today’s world of business communication.

1. Video Conferencing: A step up from audio calls, video conferencing allows for a face-to-face meeting anywhere in the world. We have all been subject to the misinterpretation of a text message or email (generally due to missing punctuation or a falsely presumed tone); video conferences bring clarification to the workplace. The personal touch of reading each other’s facial expressions and body language is an essential part of the social structure of business.

2. Synced Calendars: Many companies run on autonomy these days, and with autonomy comes altered schedules. Therefore, many companies choose to sync their employees work calendars, which allows for less stress and hiccups in coordinating agendas. Synced schedules give meeting/events notifications which are needed in today’s busy world.

3. Shared Screens: When working from different offices or different parts of the world, collaborating on a project with a co-worker can be a test of patience. The brilliance of sharing your screen with someone that is potentially 10,000 miles away prevents a large communication breakdown.

Whether you’re a fan of technology or not, there is no denying it has become the future of business. Technology is always advancing and creating a faster paced work place and the only way to keep up is to use it to your advantage.

Technology = Organized Communication.

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